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BIG news for: comic book fans, Sons of Anarchy fans and People Who Like Awesome Stuff. So that's all of us, right?

Boom Studios announced in late June that it was launching a six-issue comic series that would tie into the hit FX series and that it'll be hitting stores near you this September.

It'll be penned by writer Christopher Golden, who makes his daily bread by writing spin-off novels for well-known characters like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Hellboy and more.

He described the comic book series in the following:

'BOOM! and Fox have approved this first mini-series, which is a six-issue storyline I call 'The Whistle Blower'. It's an original story that dovetails neatly with events of Season Five, introduces new characters and brings at least one other SoA charter into the story. Most of the familiar character will appear, though my focus is on a few members of SAMCRO in particular, starting with Tig.'

Golden also put a persuasive case forward as to why the popular TV show would fit a comic book format so well:

'Sons of Anarchy has the perfect combination of character and action,' the writer of multiple Hellboy novels explained. 'There are regular doses of violence and bloodshed and intrigue, plus the iconic imagery of the American motorcycle gang, but none of that would work if not for the tension that the show creates out of the conflict in the show between personal desire and the honor of the club (and fealty TO the club).'

Golden spoke eloquently about his passion for the show and the complicated morality of its characters:

'It's the best damn show on television, full of characters making ugly decisions — sometimes for good reasons, and sometimes for reasons that are incredibly selfish but masked in self-righteousness. It's about loyalty and betrayal, honor and dishonor. It's about the illusion each of us has about ourselves, the image of ourselves we've built up in our minds, and what happens when that image is endangered. That's true for so many of the characters on the show. The plotting on the series is intense and tightly knotted, but it's all there to push the characters to these decision points that are in many ways even more dramatic than the plots themselves.'

Golden, who worked with Mike Mignola on the Baltimore comic book series also drew some parallels with the world of Hellboy.

'I'm a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy.' Golden admits. 'When I love something this much it doesn't take a lot of acclimation. I'm deeply invested not just in the fates of these characters, but in who they are and how they see themselves. In real life, we have a perception of ourselves that is, in some ways, the most important thing we own. That perception drives us, informs all of our decisions. It can endure a lot, but that doesn't mean it can't be shattered. What amazes me is how far some people will go to justify their behavior to themselves, just to preserve that self-perception.'

'Normally I wouldn't say there's much comparison to be drawn between Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy, but here's one - Hellboy and Jax both spend their lives trying to be better than the destinies they were dealt, one with significantly more success - thus far at least - than the other.'

Fascinating stuff - would you buy a Sons of Anarchy comic book, and if not, why not? Sound off below.

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