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If science fiction has taught us anything, it's to respect (and slightly fear) all women named "River".

But despite the fear, it's the "drop to your knees right NOW and worship her as your queen" reactions these badass women evoke that make them such fan favorites, and one of the biggest losses of the Eleventh Doctor's () run wasn't Eleven himself, but his wayward wife, River Song (). Long-time fans of Doctor Who know that clever, impulsive, ultimately fearless warrior has been one of the best characters ever written on the show. So it was a blow to fans when we realized that not only had we said goodbye to this version of the doctor, we'd also more than likely said our final goodbye to River, as well.

On second though, make that 'fear a lot'.

But Whovians, rejoice: In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner has hinted we may not have seen the last of Professor River Song:

I'm slightly tempted, because I imagine Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston would be absolutely hilarious together...

is, of course, the Twelfth Doctor, and stepping into the role of the Time Lord this fall. It may not be a surprise to see a reappearance of River Song, considering the fan speculation that the character of Tasha Lem from The Time of the Doctor is actually River in a later regeneration (which is another article for another day). It would take a bit of explaining, but then, Moffat has never exactly worried about making logical sense when retconning a plot.

Do you think we might see River Song once again, if only for a cameo? And do you think Tasha Lem is actually her? Let me hear it in the comments, Whovians.

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(Source: Doctor Who Magazine via Blogtor Who)


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