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In 1987, Clive Barker brought to our screens his directorial debut Hellraiser, a film based on Barker's own novella The Hellbound Heart. Starring Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins and Sean Chapman, the film is frequently featured on best horror films of all time lists, and this month it turns 30 years old. But how much do you really know about the movie? Below you will find 10 movie trivia facts that you may not have ever heard before — and some may tear your soul apart!

10. Say What?!

Pinhead, one of the leaders of the Cenobites and the main antagonist of the film, didn't have much dialogue in the original script. However, this all changed when the two other Cenobites — Chatterer and Butterball — found that their speech was hindered due to their heavy make up.

'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]
'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]

9. Too Sexy For The MPAA To Handle

After viewing the film, the Motion Picture Association of America told Barker that they had to cut down the seduction scene between Julia and Frank. In an interview with Samhain magazine, Barker explained:

"I shot a much hotter flashback sequence than they would allow us to cut in.... Mine was more explicit and less violent. They wanted to substitute one kind of undertow for another. I had a much more explicit sexual encounter between Frank and Julia, but they said no, let's take out the sodomy and put in the flick knife."

8. The Inspiration Behind The Key To Hell On Earth

The Lament Configuration Box had the power to unleash Hell on Earth by opening the door to the Cenobites' demonic world of pleasure and pain. The box itself came from director Clive Barker's memories of a Chinese puzzle box that was given to him as a present when he was younger.

'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]
'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]

7. Bizarre Working Titles

"The Hellbound Heart", "Sadomasochist from Beyond the Grave" and "What a woman will do for a good [email protected]" were all suggested as a possible title for the film.

6. You Could Have Recently Rented The House

The original budget for the film was a measly $1 million, which wasn't enough to even build sets for filming. Subsequently, the producers found a property in London that was left vacant following an alleged suicide. In the film, the house stands on the fictional Lodovico Street, whereas the real house can be found at 187 Dollis Hill Lane, London — a property which was recently up for rent.

5. Frank The Monster Was A Mental Patient In The Sequel

In the original film, Sean Chapman played the character of Frank, but when Frank underwent his transformation, Oliver Smith took over as Frank the Monster. Smith returned to play the part of Browning in the 1988 sequel Hellraiser II, a mental patient who slashed and cut his chest before dying in a pool of his own vomit.

'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]
'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]

4. Hellraiser's Slave And Master Fetish

Jane Wildgoose, the costume designer for the first two films, wasn't given the most clear instructions when it came to creating the Cenobite's outfits. In the end, she designed their iconic look from personal memories of going to see slave and master clubs in America and Europe.

3. Pinhead Didn't Arrive Until The Sequels

Elliot Spencer fought in World War I, but following his service he soon became disillusioned with life. After he opened the Lament Configuration, Spencer transformed into Pinhead, one of the leaders of the Cenobites. Doug Bradley (who played the character), is credited at the end of the film as "Lead Cenobite," so although Pinhead is one of the most notorious horror villains of all time, his nickname didn't catch on until the sequels.

'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]
'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]

2. 'Hellraiser: The Game'

In the early 1990s, an American video game company known as Color Dreams created a Hellraiser Nintendo game. The company developed and published unlicensed video games for the NES, including 1989's Baby Boomer, Captain Comic and Crystal Mines. The game would be a first-person shooter where players navigate themselves through the Lament Configuration. However, as the production costs for the game continued to grow — coupled with issues of saving the game codes — production was scrapped before it ever made it onto shelves.

1. Jesus Wept At This Ad-Lib

Poor Larry Cotton, what fate could possible lie in store for a good and loving man? Oh yeah, having your brother sleep with your wife before killing you and stealing your skin, that's what. Actor Andrew Robinson added a few ad-libbed lines to the film, one of which was a replacement for the script's original "F**k off" to what is probably the film's most quoted line: "Jesus wept."

'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]
'Hellraiser' [Credit: New World Pictures]

So there you have it — 10 movie trivia facts that you may not have known before. What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to upcoming film, or would you rather stick pins in your eyes (or head)? Let me know in the poll below and don't forget to sound off in the comments section too.


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