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Mark Newton

Fans of Middle-Earth might have disappointed to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey missing from the big Oscar categories this year. Although, it probably didn't come as a surprise to anyone who actually read the lukewarm reviews for 's first Hobbit movie. Anyway, the award season is not over yet! That's right, it's the big one! The Empire Awards! Wooo!

OK, so The Empire awards aren't exactly up there with the Oscars, but at least it's one of the more respectable movie magazine award ceremonies. The Hobbit is certainly being represented at Empire HQ, it's been nominated for the following categories:

  • Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Best Film
  • Best Director – Peter Jackson
  • The Art of 3D
  • Best Actor – Martin Freeman

The big difference with the Empire Awards is that they are voted by you, the movie going public. As such, it features a few more of the big summer blockbusters in its list of nominees. The Hobbit will be going up against Django Unchained, The Avengers, Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises in this years Best Film category. Head over to here to vote for The Hobbit or your other favorite movies of 2012.

Did you think it was a travesty that The Hobbit wasn't nominated for the major Oscars? Let us all all about it below.


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