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One of the most well-guarded Justice League secrets is how Henry Cavill's Superman will be resurfacing in the after his apparent death in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many believe that the son of Krypton will be resurrected by the villain Steppenwolf and will be reincarnated as an evil, goth version of Superman, with facial hair and a dark black suit to signify the change in him.

This of course, has been taken from the comics and many fans presumed that Justice League would be where it would occur. After all it's foolish to imagine a Justice League film without the team's leader. And a recent interview with Henry Cavill is the perfect example of how much DC is trying to keep the black suit thing a secret.

The Suit Of The Supes

In the interview with WSVN-TV, Henry Cavill refuses to acknowledge whether or not Justice League will feature Superman donning the black costume. Even after the reporter showed Cavil a photo he'd posted on Instagram last year where the Superman symbol almost seemed black (either due to a photo filter or as if it was a shot of the black suit), Cavill only stated:

"It appears to be a black suit right?"

But for all he dodged questions about Superman's allegiances, Cavill teased how the hero could come back to life. Discussing the future of Superman's Earthly persona, Clark Kent, Cavill explained how he could return to life after being declared dead. Cavill rightly pointed out that the Superman: Rebirth comics could serve as the blueprint for how Kent could return after being killed in the eyes of all those he knew. In the comic, Clark has gone into hiding because he and Lois have been stranded on Earth-1 from an alternate timeline, living a more isolated life.

However, Cavill would not confirm or deny whether this method of resurrection would be used in the film — and naturally, he didn't confirm anything about that rumored black suit either. Still, Cavill did provide us answers to other big questions in the interview, like how the film removed his mustache from his face via CGI.

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