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was released at the beginning of the month and it blew away many expectations we had for the movie. The film has grossed almost 600 million dollars worldwide and has become one of the most critically-acclaimed comic book movies of the decade, making the other three films in the DCEU to date look like a joke.

Gal Gadot was a better Wonder Woman than anyone could have ever imagined after watching her appear in last year. Given that, when there were rumors floating around that the actress was criminally underpaid, fans got rowdy. Luckily, it appears that these rumors may not be true after all...

The Reports of Gal Gadot's Super Low Wonder Woman Paycheck Get Debunked

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

Just a few days ago, a report was released that Gal Gadot was only making a mere $300,000 for Wonder Woman, which is obviously a lot of money, but it's significantly less money than some of the other stars have made off of the DC Comics films. For instance, Henry Cavill earned $14 million playing Superman in Man of Steel. To those with any understanding of the business, the report didn't add up—it's unheard of for a new actor to make that much money up front for a film.

Fortunately, Vanity Fair released a follow-up report clearing up the numbers. It turns out that the original report had misinterpreted the entire situation. The 14 million dollars Henry Cavill made included box office bonuses and was apparently not for one film. Vanity Fair's source told them:

“It certainly isn’t for one picture. That’s insane. Entry-level actors in franchise films are paid an initial rate. As a franchise takes off, they stand to make more money. If you do an apples to apples comparison, she was paid at least as much as he was.”

Don't mess with Wonder Woman's paycheck...
Don't mess with Wonder Woman's paycheck...

In comparison, 's $300,000 is the base pay and it came from a report all the way back in 2014. Given that, it is safe to say Gadot made a lot more than a 1/46th of what Henry Cavill made from Man of Steel. When the final box office numbers are tallied up and the sequel begins officially begins production, Gal Gadot's paycheck will most likely be the same size as her co-star's.

[Sources: Vanity Fair]


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