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Now, playing a superhero on screen and actually being a superhero are clearly two very different things, as any actor who's ever tried to leap over a building in a single bound can surely attest, but there are a few key similarities between the two roles. For one thing, both tend to lead to you being loved by millions around the world, despite them not actually knowing the real you. Similarly, both come with a whole lot of responsibility, partly as a result of that influence. Both Batman and Ben Affleck would surely be concerned about kids imitating their less safe behavior. Perhaps most importantly, both superheroes and the actors who play them have the ability to make the world a better place simply by being themselves in the right room every once in a while.

Case in point?

Henry Cavill Just Teased Superman's New Costume In The Nicest Way Possible

Y'see, rather than giving us a backstage glimpse of himself in full Superman getup simply for the sake of promoting a movie that's still over a year away from hitting theaters, Cavill just opted to shine a light on the bravery and strength of two young kids, Orin and Summer. With the hashtag "makeawish" seeming to imply that the visit was arranged by the redoubtable Make a Wish Foundation, it's clear that Cavill, much like the character he plays on screen, is well aware of his ability to brighten up the lives of deserving kids — and adults — around the world.

And, what's more, it doesn't exactly hurt that the image also features Cavill looking impressive in his shiny new (and very, very blue) Superman suit, or that he and the kids are posing in front of cardboard cut outs of the rest of the Justice League cast, all in slightly different poses to the group shot we finally saw a few weeks back:

What's more, since those cutouts seem remarkably like the ones that were shown to journalists during a visit to the Justice League set earlier this year, it seems entirely possible that those kids also got to hang out with Superman on set.

Further proof, if proof were needed, that you don't need superpowers to make a difference: Just a willingness to do something special (and, ideally, a real-life Superman costume).

Still want more on the upcoming Justice League? Don't worry, we've got you covered right here, and in the video just below...

And, in the meantime, what do you think? Are you already over-excited to see Superman return? Let us know below!

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