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Spoiler alert: has a hairy chest in director 's Man of Steel and he wants you to know about it, despite the fact that Gillette shelled out the-best-a-man-can-get bucks for an expensive ad campaign asking, "How does Superman shave?" In the most important thing you'll watch all day, Cavill goes against the plucked chicken look and explains why it was so important to have his giant and hairy Krypton man body portrayed on screen. It's definitely the most important MoS news ever.

"It's something which I wanted to do because in the comic, Death of Superman, there's a bit where his costume is ripped and he's making the ultimate sacrifice and he's got this hairy chest," Cavill says. Cavill then waxes and wanes on body hair politics asking, "Why is the perception that because he's muscly that he must have no body hair?"


You can watch at the :53 second mark.

Cavill's disregard for manscaping is the exact opposite of another famous Superman, , who demonstrated that the easiest way for Clark to get rid of body hair was to laser it off:

This all begs the question, since Warner Bros. is reportedly putting an Aquaman movie on the fast track, will he have body hair or would it slow down his swimming abilities?

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