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Now, while ' big and battle in may have ultimately been interrupted by the arrival of Doomsday/common sense, it seems unlikely that the duo are going to become best buds in the any time soon. After all, Superman is a grim, serious man, obsessed with doing right by a world that doubts him, and Batman is a grim, serious man, obsessed with doing right by a world that doubts him. It's presumably going to be like watching two know-it-all relatives face off over a Thanksgiving dinner, where they just can't find a way to get along, despite the fact that they're the exact same kind of smart-ass pain in the butt.

And, y'know what, that's absolutely fine with us, seeing as that sort of snippy banter is exactly the sort of thing we're all vaguely excited about turning up to see the upcoming movie for. Not least because at least one of the actors behind the suits is already very much getting into the swing of things. Y'see:

Henry Cavill Is Now Trolling Batman With Some Kids' Adorable Fan Art

Specifically, that one, just above.

Which, on its own, would be super adorable, and such. With the final line of 's caption, though, it's downright delightful. Y'see, after light-heartedly celebrating the young fans' achievement in getting the note into his trailer...

"Stepped into my trailer for lunch break and found this work of art! Thank you so much to the two little legends, Piper and Zack! I will treasure this. I'm not entirely sure how you managed to get past my Akita but it is marvelous all the same."

...Cavill made sure to troll Batman (and, by extension, ) with the exact sort of deadpan wit you'd hope to hear from the man responsible for trying to make Clark Kent interesting:

"The important thing to note here is that Batman doesn't get this kind of stuff."

Well played, Mr. Cavill. Well played indeed.

What do you think, though? Do you think Batman and Superman will be best buds by the end of Justice League, or entertaining frenemies? Let us know below!


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