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Now, there are certain moments in any life that linger on in vivid, high definition memory: A first kiss, perhaps, or the birth of your first child. For each of us, those memories will be very different, but they'll be no less special, no matter what they entail. For anyone who's ever played a superhero on screen, though, there's a certain kind of memory that might just be a little more special than any other. After all, there's always one fateful day on which — for the very first time — they get to try on the suit.

And, from the looks of it, there really aren't a whole lot of ways of beating that, especially if the hero that you're playing is a bonafide icon. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, as and director recently revealed:

Henry Cavill's First Superman Costume Test Was Ridiculously Epic

[Zack Snyder/Vero]
[Zack Snyder/Vero]

Snyder, y'see, recently posted the above image — of 's very first costume test as — to the professional photography sharing site Vero, and it sure does seem to confirm the latent suspicion that a) dressing up as Superman professionally is an impressively grandiose thing to do, and b) Zack Snyder really, really likes filming Superman walking through doorways.

It's also, of course, a fairly historic moment for any fans of Superman (or indeed the wider ), and it's certainly neat that Cavill's first steps as the legendary hero were recorded for posterity, and now shared with the world. Of course, it'd be even more neat if Snyder suddenly decided to make us all Superman costumes too, but that's really just wishful thinking.

Though, I suppose that'd mean we'd all have to have snapped poor Michael Shannon's neck, too — so perhaps it's for the best that he doesn't.

What do you think, though? Does Cavill's first donning of the super-suit stir up some expressible emotions in you? Let us know below!

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