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It looks like we can add another labor to Hercules' growing list — finding a decent name. According to, Summit Entertainment has once again changed the name of their Kellen Lutz Hercules movie.

For quite sometime, the legendary Roman demigod annoyed movie news writers everywhere by having two extremely similarly named movies in production. Hercules starring and Hercules 3D — the working title for Lutz's version. Trust me, it's only a small issue, but it was pretty annoying to figure out which movie people were talking about...

However, with the release of the trailer, Hercules 3D appeared to be renamed Hercules: The Legend Begins. This name didn't seem to last long though, as now Summit are officially titling it The Legend of Hercules. Well, at least they're not calling it Hercules Rises...

Summit haven't given an reason for the change, but let's partake in some baseless speculation, shall we? Well, firstly, the name is just infinity better than Hercules: The Legend Rises, while secondly, this old name certainly sounds like it's the start of a franchise. As of yet, Summit have not stated Lutz's Hercules will be the start of a series, indeed, it's facing some stiff competition from Dwayne Johnson's own (arguably more mass-appealing) Hercules movie. Perhaps this change to the more conservatively titled The Legend of Hercules suggests Summit will wait for it's box office performance before committing to any sequels.

Of course, this all just speculation from your's truly.

That's not the only change Summit has made since grabbing the distribution rights earlier this month. The film was originally stated to have a February 7, 2014 release, but this has now been brought forward rather drastically to January 10, 2014.

This takes the movie out of competition with 's RoboCop (which opened a week later) but does place it into contention with 's war drama, Lone Survivor.

What do you think? Which title do you prefer? Let us know below.


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