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Of course any movie that attempts to fit within 's much loved trilogy would have to tread carefully and respect what has come before it, or risk the wrath of fanboys everywhere. But I'm game for a Catwoman spin-off, and here's why...

Hathaway was one of the best things about TDKR

While I know there are grumpy detractors, the overall impression after the release of TDKR was that 's performance was exceptional if not amazingly fantastic. As a self-confessed Hathaway junkie, I'm clamoring for another chance to see her in in her slinky catsuit; c'mon, two hours of that running around in latex? But that's not the only reason why this gal deserves an extra helping of big-screen attention.

Hathaway needs the scope of a full movie to expand Selina's character, as well as landing some stupendous action sequences and emotional beats which the actress has shown herself to be equally adept at. In TDKR, Hathaway could have been obnoxious, sadistic, deliberately antagonistic, feeble, campy or any other shades in between. Instead, Hathaway was a delight to watch a reckless femme fatale balancing light and darkness, between being a thief and being a bit of a hero.

While may have put a lot of effort into it, the 2004 Catwoman movie was just too much of a feline-soaked litterbox of a movie to actually truly represent the spirit of Selina Kyle. 's take was better, but up against Hathaway's dark, multi-dimensional portrayal on the iconic cat burglar, it doesn't look all that great.

In this new age of superhero movies with brains and hearts, we need the best thesps - and even Nolan himself thinks that Hathaway has got what it takes, meaning that Hathaway's chops ain't up for discussion.

A Catwoman movie could give the character the recognition she deserves

Due to TDKR covering so many characters in so little time, there wasn't nearly enough attention paid to Selina Kyle and her back story, like her blossoming relationship with Bruce Wayne.

There's something special about that, considering the comic book characters and the pieces of the Catwoman mythology that can be reconstructed in new, complex and intriguing ways. After the Berry farce, it would be understandable to balk at the concept, but if Batman can be rescued from , then anything is possible.

The woman is no island of a character; her support network that consists of strong personalities including her best pal, Holly Robinson. Introducing Kyle into her own chronology would be a blessing for actually getting to delve deep into the intricately-plotted world of Gotham, the DC universe, and all the kids that make it such.

Still, I'll only watch a Catwoman spin-off if, when Selina Kyle has a near death experience, she is roused back to life by a cat burping in her face, a la Berry's Catwoman.

This could fill the gap in competent female-led superhero flicks

OK, 's role in Kick-Ass was pretty, um, kick-ass. was better than average in Super. And Marvel's The Avengers came very close with Black Widow () being the arguable center of the flick. But when it comes to dedicated, fully fledged story arcs, female superheroes are often sidelined.

A superheroine saving the world could offer some truly wonderful viewing. Particularly if she's not totally altruistic like some others out there – if she chooses to be a hero, then why? And whose butt is she willing to whip in order to get there? I'd personally love a Black Widow movie for the same reasons. Just putting that out there, .

The movie could further our appreciation of TDKR

TDKR is set eight years after The Dark Knight... EIGHT freakin' years! That's a long time, and a Catwoman stand-alone feature could show us what was going on in Gotham over that period. A movie that fits somewhere between The Dark Knight and TDKR has the potential to retroactively fit Nolan's Bat-Trilogy into a shared DC universe. We could have a news report on a certain caped-wonder in Metropolis, or even a cameo from other DC heroes...

Nolan is clearly a talented guy, but ( and don't shoot me for saying this) one of the flaws of TDKR is that we don't get a chance to see Selina's world of its own accord, but rather through Bruce's eyes. We get an allusion to a troubled past, but we're left pretty high and very dry.

Not only could Kyle's history be further examined, but we'd get more pulpy, detailed history alluding to an already bulky TDKR.

It could clear up that weird, ambiguous ending to TDKR

While some of you may have found it an apt conclusion to Bruce Wayne's troubled hero, some of you probably thought that it was a sloppy and poorly-conceived addition to what could have been a brave and thematically appropriate ending to Nolan's franchise.

What does this have to do with the Catwoman feature? Well, this movie could help resolve that ending by actually addressing that ending - is it real or something that Alfred has created in his half-senile, incomprehensible mind? If it turns out that Bruce indeed bit it, it opens up the possibilities for Selina to have her own adventures outside of being Batman's bit on the side.

Some final words

Like many a rabid Bat-fan, I scoffed at the notion of a Catwoman movie at first. However, after giving it some thought, the idea seems more and more appealing. So, do you think that Catwoman as it is today would work as a stand-alone movie and if so, should Hathaway be clawing for the role? Sound off in the comments.


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