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In addition to the upcoming , fans of Harley Quinn have another project to look forward to. She will be reuniting with her co-creator, artist Bruce Timm, for an animated movie entitled Batman and Harley Quinn.

The film was announced at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, and we have yet to learn much about it since. But thankfully, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (which will be released in April) will provide us with a sneak peak of Harley’s next animated tale. This was identified by fan resource, The World’s Finest, who screencapped the first look under The Judas Contract’s special features menu on iTunes. Take a glance below:

[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]

The photo above barely reveals anything about the plot, but we could infer that the Clown Princess of Crime might be teaming up with and .

It is unknown as to whether Arleen Sorkin, Harley's voice actress from her animated inception, will be part of the cast. There is a possibility that Tara Strong will voice her instead, as she has also done the character justice in a multitude of projects over the years.

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Timm is responsible for bringing many of Harley's best and most emotional moments to life in Batman: The Animated Series. I have no doubt that he'll capture the true essence of her character and give fans a nostalgic adventure in the future film. We'll even get to see her original jester costume again, which lots of us have missed. I for one am curious to see if Harley will return to her villainous ways from the 90s, or be depicted as the anti-hero we've seen in her recent comics. Either way, I couldn't be more thrilled for this addition to the DC Animated Universe!

Batman and Harley Quinn is expected for release this summer.

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