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Last week was an emotional roller coaster for fans.

First we received the gut-wrenching news that the next Friday The 13th movie has been cancelled, despite the fact that casting had officially begun and filming was going to commence in March.

Then we learned the writing/directing team of David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down) and Danny McBride (This is the End), were tapped to mastermind the new reboot that's in the works, and the film is slated for an October 19th, 2018 release date.

This news was almost enough to raise our horror hopes from the dead, but Hollywood's reboot reputation isn't the best. Still, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

However, if the creative minds behind the upcoming film really want Michael Myers to have his triumphant return to theaters, they'll need to deliver a movie that moves the franchise forward, while respecting its legacy at the same time.

Here are 5 things we want to see in the new Halloween reboot.

5. Set The New Film In The Past

We recently found out the new Halloween movie will take place after the original two films, which means they could set it any time after 1978.

Both Halloween 4, and Halloween H20, are direct sequels to the original Halloween 2. And both films are set on milestone anniversaries since the originals took place. First you've got Halloween 4, which is set ten years after the first two movies. Then there's Halloween H20, which is set twenty years after the original two movies.

Both of these timelines are acceptable since Michael Myers is still relatively young in both films. However, we're coming up on another milestone in the franchise - the 40th anniversary. Meaning if this 11th installment is set in 2018, Michael Myers will be 61 years old.

If the producers truly want to breathe new life into this franchise, they'll need to set it in the past, and the early 1980's would be a perfect period to pick things back up. Which is when this franchise was booming, and Michael Myers wasn't an old man.

4. The New Film Should Take Notes From The Comic Book Sequel To Halloween 1 & 2

Halloween: One Good Scare Comic. [Image Credit: Stefan Hutchinson]
Halloween: One Good Scare Comic. [Image Credit: Stefan Hutchinson]

The comic book titled The First Death of Laure Strode, follows the character directly after the events of the first two movies. It shows how Haddonfield becomes a scarred town following Halloween II and isn't very kind to the survivors of that deadly night, particularly Laurie Strode. She lives in constant fear and as a result, hallucinates visions of Michael Myers everywhere she goes.

The new film could take a few things from this comic. Particularly Michael Myers and the tremendous effect he has on the people of Haddonfield. It doesn't even have to follow in the steps of Laurie either. The idea is residents of Haddonfield are so beat up by the events that took place in Halloween that they live in constant paranoia. Not knowing Michael is alive and ready to strike again.

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3. Use The Music From The Original Halloween

Simply put, it's one of the most legendary scores in horror history. This series has successfully altered the soundtrack from the first Halloween many times. However, it's about time we got back to the iconic sound from the original. And with John Carpenter possibly scoring the new movie, I have high hopes.

2. We Need A Mask That Resembles The One From The First Two Halloween Movies

Halloween (1978) [Credit: Universal Studios]
Halloween (1978) [Credit: Universal Studios]

The mask from the original two films is still regarded as the best in the franchise. And after those two installments, the face of Michael Myers hasn't been quite as scary. However, now that licensing issues have been sorted out, the next mask will probably be closest to the original, since the original.

The previous director for the now-scrapped Halloween Returns movie even emphasized how Michael would don a mask that closely resembled the first one. So we know their heads are in the right place.

1. Make Michael Myers "The Shape" Again

Halloween II. [Credit: Universal Studios]
Halloween II. [Credit: Universal Studios]

For years, has gotten farther and farther away from what made him scary. In the original two movies, Michael Myers is a silent, psychopathic, unstoppable killer, and we don't know why. This is what the sequels, both good and bad, have failed to realize.

Unlike Freddy and Jason, Michael Myers is is supposed to be mysterious. However, since most Halloween sequels have continually chipped away at Michael's perplexing motives, he's not quite as scary as he used to be.

So what the new film needs to do is make Michael Myers the shape again. Meaning don't humanize him. He was originally called the shape because he isn't actually a human being, but evil in the shape of one.

Michael Myers is a villain who reinforces the idea that we can interact with everyday people, and not know who, or what, they are within.

And that is truly scary!


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