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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Let's be honest, this off-season period hasn't been an easy one for True Blood. Now entering it's sixth season, it's been a revolving door in creative command down at Bon Temps HQ - first goodbye to creator , who was then replaced by Mark Hudis, who is now leaving to focus on his own HBO series (codeword for: things weren't working out behind the scenes). Brian Buckner is now head-honcho but boy...that's upheaval! Add in middling critical notices in recent times, and it looks like this is make or break for True Blood.

What do you do when it's make or break? Get your outrageously-attractive cast into some haute couture and roll out a glitzy premiere. And that's what they did.

True Blood premiered yesterday on HBO (what did you all think by the way? return to form?), but as an extra, here's a sneak peek at the glitzy premiere event at the Pacific 6 cinema in Hollywood:


My observations?

1) I'm still as shocked at hearing with an English accent as I was when Sayid from Lost unleashed his cockney accent.

2) Speaking of said Bill, he's now playing a 'red blood goo monster' called Bilith. I'm sorry, but, even by True Bloods crazy-camp standards, this is quite hilarious. That's HBO's solution for stale characters that you just can't quite bear to dump quite yet: join them up with another and shazam, you've got a whole new (but still old!) character.

3) More Jessica () sass and corking Pam () one-liners. To me still looks like the supporting women beat the hell out of the supposed leads (Sookie and Tara) in this series.


5) 'No one lives forever' is an apt slogan - TIME TO TRIM YOUR CAST GUYS. (first up, Tara (). She's had a long, often grinding stint on the show...and I reckon it's time for a ca-razy exit storyline)

What do you think? Psyched for the new season of True Blood? Or had you already given up after the last season? Sound off in the comments below!


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