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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Very few franchises reach the end of a third installment with their dignity intact. I think it's fair to say The Dark Knight Rises, concluding Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, managed it. To that, I say bravo - look at your rival superhero franchises! X-Men fell foul to . Spider Man became an emo. And Superman...well, it didn't really get going. (let's see about Man of Steel).

So, the tragedy of the whole thing is that there is no more. THAT'S IT! We're not getting anymore Nolan-Bale Batman's. The trilogy won't become a Quadrilogy, and this morally bankrupt version of the Caped Crusader is now one for the archives.

Instead of being all hyper-depressive a'la Bruce Wayne's 8 years of beardy solitude, let's focus on the upcoming DVD release of the entire trilogy in the Ultimate Collectors Edition. There'll be extras galore and a chance to relive the entire trilogy in one grandiose sitting! And a Polish Batman fansite reckons they've got images of the DVD release, shown below:

We've got an image of the slipcase, which appears to show-off three vehicles (including the Batmobile), and the bottom image shows off the discs, books, artwork and more - including a very arresting image of the Joker with his eyes on fire. That's the most visceral thing there, otherwise the designers have seemingly gone quite safe here, the same sort of pitch-black, shady style they've gone for ever since the release of Batman Begins.

Of course, this could all be fake! But these images look pretty legit to me.

What does everybody think? Impressed by the artwork for the release? Or suspect it's a fake? Get in touch below with your ideas!


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