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Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy hit Blu-ray yesterday, January 21. The 2-Disc Collector's doc features interviews with 100 members of the cast and crew.

Bloody Disgusting recently did a pretty cool wrap-up of coverage about the movie, featuring interviews with series creator , in addition to Never Sleep Again's director, producer, and writer - , Andrew Kasch, and Thommy Hutson.

Here's what Craven had to say about the legacy of the franchise, and which film wasn't up to snuff:

"I thought the first sequel was the weakest of the lot. On that sequel Bob Shaye and I were still talking frequently and he was after me to direct it. I read the script and gave notes and I knew they were in a big rush to get it out around the same time the original was released. I wasn’t up to it so I just passed. It brought Freddy out of dreams and running around suburban neighborhoods. It just felt like Freddy wasn’t strong. Not to point at anybody, I think it was rushed. I like some of the other ones better. Certainly as the series went on it got more bizarre and Freddy got broader, but I’ve said enough about that in the past. And then to be asked by Bob to come back and do one final one after Freddy had been killed led to me personally discovering the concept of a meta film and that led to ‘Scream.’ It wasn’t a bad run!"

You can read the whole interview here.

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