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They save the world, they stop evil from triumphing — and they do it all with style and panache. Superheroes are the light in the darkness and the last bastion of hope for humanity.

Yet behind the mask and the colorful spandex, behind the heroism and altruism, they are all human. And whether we like it or not, we humans need sustenance — good ol' highly caloric food that gives us the energy we need to function throughout the day.

Superheroes especially, with their highly active everyday activities, need a large volume of food to sustain themselves, something that usually manifests in unique eating habits. So let's jump in and look at five and their food choices.

5. Superman: Kryptonian 'Photosynthesis'

[Image: DC]
[Image: DC]

First off, let's start with the boy in blue and his Kryptonian diet. If you google "Clark Kent eating," you're likely to find a number of comic panels featuring Clark enjoying different dishes. Whether it's that sweet Ma Kent stew or a ton of burgers, or even going out for dessert with Bruce, Clark seems to love himself some good ol' fashioned American food.

In fact, this consumption of meals is a clever ruse employs to fit in with society. While his body can absorb and utilize food, he doesn't need to. Thanks to his biology, instead of deriving energy from nutrients found in food, Clark sponges energy directly from solar radiation to use as sustenance. This energy from the sun is absorbed through his cells directly into his body and converted to all kinds of energy, including kinetic and thermal. In the meantime, Clark still hides his true identity, often commenting that he likes eating food, even if he doesn't need to. So Superman is literally a solar panel battery, or a photosynthetic plant.

Note: The above applies to all full Kryptonians, including Supergirl, Val-Zod and any of their clones. Half-Kryptonians or half-kryptonian clones might have different biological characteristics.

4. Martian Manhunter: Chocos, A.K.A DC Oreos

[Image: DC]
[Image: DC]

Next up is J'onn J'onzz, the superhero who took impulsive eating to a whole new level. Ask any '90s kid and they will tell you that J'onn was a serious, strong, stoic superhero who cared for others but didn't show much emotion. But toss him a bag of Chocos — the equivalent of Oreos — and you'd have to throw that image right out the window.

J'onn is insanely addicted to Chocos. He consumes huge amounts on a daily basis and is seen frequently snacking on the delicious treats when not on a mission. He can't see one without eating it and Chocos deprivation (a prank played by Guy Gardner when he hid J'onn's stash of Chocos) resulted in him transforming into a hulking green beast that rampaged across the city until he got his Chocos back.

Thanks to his martian metabolism, manages to counteract the negative effects of the consumption of such quantities of cookies.

3. Green Arrow: The World's Hottest Chili

[Image: DC]
[Image: DC]

Next up is the bane of the Justice League, the destroyer of tastebuds, Oliver Queen — or to be more precise, his chili. This super-spicy stew is considered one of the most fiery things in the , as well as Oliver's specialty dish, and is created by combining some of the spiciest ingredients on Earth (the recipe is shown above). It's eye watering to everyone who eats it, except for Oliver, of course.

Indeed, is shown to enjoy torturing others using his chili, while he and Batman are the only ones capable of eating the dreaded dish without breaking down from the overpowering flavor.

2. The Flash: Fast Food

[Image: DC]
[Image: DC]

Being a speedster, burns a whole lot of calories on the daily — massive amounts, humanly impossible amounts. Yep, energy is what the Flash requires, even on a lazy afternoon. So how does he manage to replenish this crazy amount of energy? With junk food.

No surprise to anyone who watches The CW's that Barry Allen eats a lot of bad meals. Like, a lot. And in almost every single comic of his latest series — The New 52 to present — he is seen devouring junk food in one form or another. The high calories and the easy accessibility of fast food proves really handy for Barry to get his much-needed daily caloric intake.

1. Bruce Wayne — A Protein Shake

[Image: DC]
[Image: DC]

Is it even surprising that the most practical of superheroes would have the most practical of sustenance choices?

Unlike most superheroes who seem to all have suffered tragic childhoods, Bruce was never food deprived. He's a billionaire with an incredible butler who doubles as a chef, after all. Every single day Alfred would cook for Bruce tasty meals to soften the pain of being brutally orphaned.

But as time passed, Bruce had less and less time to eat. Training to become resulted in Bruce having little time to sit down and enjoy a proper meal. Therefore, he had to find a way to get his caloric needs as efficiently as possible. How to achieve that? With a protein shake.

In one of his latest comics, it's revealed that drinks a large protein shake every single night before going out on patrol. That protein shake includes banana-flavored protein, creatine, caffeine and — jokingly — Listerine. Ain't no night passes by without a breath-freshy Bat shake.

Are you a fan of these superhero food choices? Tell us about some more DC dishes in the comments below

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