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It's no secret that Christopher Nolan is really into film. As in film, film. Physical film. So what better way to pay our respects to the great filmmaker and the celluloid he's so passionate about by seeing Dunkirk as it was intended, in 70mm film projection?

Nolan's new historical drama is being released on July 21. Set during World War II, the movie is based around the events of the evacuation of Dunkirk, when around 400,000 Allied troops where stuck in the northern French town of Dunkirk, with German forces closing in. The film follows three separate strands of the evacuation — from the land, sea and air.

Dunkirk has been shot on super-wide 65mm film stock and is being shown in IMAX 70mm and standard 70mm. These screenings will do justice to the cinematography and format the movie was filmed on and the format the director loves so much. Here's a handy little infographic that shows the differences between the different formats:

Here's Where You Can Catch Dunkirk In 70mm In The UK

15/70mm IMAX format:

70mm standard format

You can find a full list of where to find 70mm showings of Dunkirk outside the UK here.

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