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It seems like whatever movies directs end up being indie awards circuit gold, and yet are able to also make more than decent returns at the box office, with both Sideways and The Descendants pulling in four times what it cost to make them.

He's back now with the much-buzzed about Nebraska, starring an extremely grizzled-looking and in a rare dramatic role. It focuses on an aging, alcoholic father (Dern), who becomes convinced he won a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes prize of a million dollars. Even though his family tries to talk him out of it, he stubbornly insists on making the trip from Montana to Nebraska to cash in his winnings. His estranged son (Forte), is forced to go along with him to look after him, and it is an opportunity for both of them to bond after years of separation.

The first official photo from the movie has been released, and here we are:

If you're wondering why it's in black and white, it's because that's how the movie was shot. There were some conflicting reports about the movie, with some reporting that it was originally filmed in black and white, and others contradicting that saying that Paramount had put the kibosh on it as not being a cost-effective option, forcing Payne to shoot in color.

Payne himself was the one to clear up the controversy:

It'll be black and white for theatrical, DVD and streaming. If they need a color version for their TV output deals, they will have it.

The director has also been sitting on this script for almost ten years, as it turns out, but didn't want to tell the same story so close to Sideways having been released to such acclaim:

I had been sitting on this 'Nebraska' script even when I did 'Sideways'. But I didn't want to go back to a road-trip movie right after that. I was really tired of shooting people in cars. I'm serious. It's a drag. But after 'Descendants', I came back to this story.

Nebraska is slated for a November 22nd limited release, but there is bound to be news coming from Cannes, so click [[follow]] and we'll make sure you stay on top of things.


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