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Things are about to get a whole lot more undead up in here...

Believe it or not, Zombieland was originally meant to be a television show before it became a movie. Thanks to the cult success of that flick, Zombieland is headed to the small screen, to tackle life after apocalypse with the shambling dead in tow.

and just finished shooting the pilot for the upcoming Zombieland television show and spoke to /Film about the crazy road to getting it online:

Amazon is doing something unprecedented. They're taking all their pilots and they're airing them all simultaneously on the same day. They're going to use the next month or so as a litmus test to decide which ones to move forward on and they're gonna know exactly how many people stream each one. It really is a chance for the fans to come out and support Zombieland, check it out and if they like it, vote with their computer mouse.

We've also got our first look at the new cast (above), featuring Little Rock (), Tallahassee (), Wichita (), and Columbus ().

Oh, to be in a world where and were on television weekly. But still, rather than directly trying to emulate the movie, it's good that the cast looks a little different. Is this the direction you think Zombieland should take?



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