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Alisha Grauso

Oh, . I love you so much, but probably for the exact opposite reason you want me to love you. I can not stop watching you, but, again, for probably the exact reasons you wouldn't want me to. Simply put, you're so bad, you're good. You're great, even, in the right role. It's just that, well... it's just that after seeing this teaser trailer for your first directorial effort with Man of Tai Chi, I'm not entirely sure that "director" is a good role for you.

Amazing, right? And, maybe this is a deliberate visual choice, but is it just me or does his face look... awfully odd? Like plastic. This film is either going to be a visually stunning martial arts film, or it is going to be just awful. Still, with of The Matrix trilogy and spin-kicking everything in sight, it should at least be an action-packed kung-fu movie of the sort that we as audiences love, no?

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