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That first episode of Season 7, which had us speculating for months before the release, is still not completely off our minds now that the episode has aired, and for good reason: Knowing beforehand that we'd see Lucille do her deed didn't make it any less gut-wrenching, as the brains of not one, but two Alexandria members splattered Rick and his team.

And executive producer isn't about to let us bury the memory of that gruesome episode just yet, sharing an insider's look at the makeup process that made the baseball bat smashing heads look so incredibly realistic. If your stomach was already twisting at the sight of flesh-hungry zombies, the details of these two cracked skulls should achieve to rid you of any remaining appetite.

Check out the makeup for Glenn over here, and read on to see how Abraham's injuries were brought to the screen.

Step One: A Baseball Bat-Shaped Dip In The Skull

Before creating the prosthetics that would go onto 's head, the VFX team created a mockup of his head and rendered the mark of Lucille right in the middle. Now imagine the effect such a hit would have on the inside of the skull...

Step Two: Recreate The Mark With Makeup

It gets even more chilling when you actually see the wound on Cudlitz's head. Judging from the similarity with Glenn's, though, we have to admit that Negan has great aim.

Step Three: Crush The Dummy

Knowing that it's a fake head still doesn't make Abraham's crushed brains any less horrific, proving once again that practical effects are simply much more efficient to get the feeling across.

Need a little something cheery after so much gore? Watch our cut of Negan's most charming moments:


Are you more sad that Glenn or Abraham died?


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