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Matt Carter

Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead mid-season finale follow. Back away if you've yet to witness the shocking events.

The dust has started to settle on the brutality of The Walking Dead's mid-season finale which saw the Governor have his heart broken by a katana and Hershel lose his head.

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, who played the beardy sage on the show, recently took part in a Q&A and was asked what he was told about Hershel going into Season 3:

The only thing I was really told was that I would have a prosthetic leg. So that made me happy.

He may have gained a leg, but by the end he'd lost a head. Seems like an unfair trade.

Were you sad to see Hershel depart The Walking Dead? Feel free to eulogize about the pony-tailed wise man in the comment section below.



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