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POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: although speculative, there's a possibility the information below turns out to be a spoiler for the next episode. Stop reading if you haven't watched the first five episodes of The Walking Dead's fourth season.

If you've been following the latest season of The Walking Dead, you will probably have noticed that, surprisingly, there haven't been any major character deaths up to this point. Things seem like they might change for the bloodier in next Sunday's episode, titled Internment.

New photos released by AMC paint a grim picture for the prospects of series regular Hershel Greene (portrayed by ). After the incidents in the latest episode, Indifference, the aged veterinarian is left to tend to the wounded survivors while waiting for Rick () to bring back more medicine.

With all the teasing from cast and crew that this season will be rife with casualties, could it be this next episode where Hershel 'buys the farm?' Will it be some other character whose demise has to be imminent? Have a look at the three preview pics, and I wager you'll see what I'm talking about. It doesn't bode too well for the virus-ravaged Woodbury population; nor, sadly, does it bode well for Hershel:

What do you think?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM (EST) on AMC.

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