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Alisha Grauso

, one of the most candid of Facebook-using celebs on the planet, topped even himself yesterday on this most special of Valentine's Days. Not content to simply let his rippling abs and 18-inch biceps convey his love to his adoring fans, you better believe the Diesel instead sucker-punched straight in his pretty face, and TOOK that title of Internet's Most Sensitive Man away from him.

And what did he do as a display of love and devotion for his fans, who only deserve the best? Why, he recorded a slightly-blurry, shaky, low-quality video of himself singing a cover of "Stay" by , and then posted it to his Facebook page.

Check out the gloriousness below:

I watched, and suddenly I heard angels singing, and kittens and unicorns and candy fell from the sky as my heart grew three sizes, and I decided to run through a field of flowers.

My heart is yours, Vin. My heart is yours.


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