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The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has just hit the stands, and one of its main features is a special collection of X-Men: Days Of Future Past pics. Although most of the images had already been officially released the previous week, there are two brand-new ones in which everyone's favorite magnetism-bending mutant overlord, Erik Magnus Lensherr, is prominently featured.

In this first example, we can finally catch a first glimpse of dressed up in his 1970s battle uniform. One might expect it to have bell-bottomed (flared) pants and platform disco boots, but it looks like and his team settled for a sober, classic Magneto garb that isn't spectacularly different from what we've seen in previous iterations of the X-Men on the big screen. Check it out:

Exhibit B has Fassbender in a bit of a pickle, as he's being attacked by a furious Hank McCoy, also known as Beast (played by ), who is of course fiercely loyal to Charles Xavier (. While Beast's strength and acrobatic prowess are widely renowned, I cannot help but wonder at what's preventing Magneto from violently extracting the hemoglobin in Hank's body (maybe the extreme stress doesn't let him focus on that; even Alpha-level mutants with Omega potential face some limitations). Anyway, have a look at it below:

What do you think? Do these pics show any promise for the time-traveling epic? Have you watched the official trailer for Days of Future Past? Care to share your two cents worth? As always, loosen up your typing fingers and comment away in the section intended for that purpose beneath the fold.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is set to premiere on May 23rd, 2014.

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