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David Latona

Warming up for the straight-to-DVD fall release of Curse Of Chucky, Universal has decided to regale us with a goosebump-inducing new red-band trailer. Via Bloody Disgusting, we offer you a terrifying glimpse at 's latest R-rated movie.

Mancini, creator, writer or co-writer of each of the previous Child's Play installments and director of Chucky's Seed, initially said in a 2008 interview that he was planning a reboot of the franchise starting with a remake of the first film. Instead, he has first shot yet another sequel, which looks pretty promising despite the relative failure of the last few derivatives. In Curse of Chucky, the grinning doll comes to haunt an unsuspecting family and finish a job he started more than 20 years ago. stars as Nica, a young woman grieving over her mother's recent suicide. She unwillingly receives the support of her brusque older sister Barb (), who moves in with her own family tagging along. One day, a smirking ginger doll inexplicably appears in the mail and is given to Barb's little daughter to play with. You can all try and guess Chucky's (voiced as always by Fiona's father ) true intentions, as the murderous toy wreaks havoc on the clan. The film also stars and in supporting roles. This unrated new chapter in the horrifying saga is bound to scare the pants off even the most cold-blooded viewers... check out the trailer to see why.


Curse of Chucky will hit the shelves as Blu-Ray and DVD on September 24th, 2013.



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