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Horror is my forte
Lea Weller BA PGcert

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Directed by Andy Palmer, Hide or Seek is a new scary haunting horror that will have you quivering in a corner. Paranormal Activity and Mama step aside; Hide or Seek will show you how an entity’s sinister presence can play with humanity. Based around newlyweds Tim and Emily who try and settle into their new farmhouse which is situated where Emily grew up; her hometown.

The couple notice that strange things have started to happen even before they have finished unpacking. The real estate agent did not disclose any strange goings on to them when they were sold the house. Emily is once again in contact with her childhood friend Claire. Claire, Tim and Emily set out to discover what is haunting their new home. As clues to a dark past start to be revealed, not just a dark past for the house but also Emily unknown past.

As supernatural events escalate, the haunting goes from being a series of paranormal happenings to more violent episodes with the couple facing a very benevolent spirit.

The trailer shows some gripping scenes. It had me glued to the screen, giving us definitions for the elements involved.

A House and a Haunting

House [n., adj. hous; v. houz] 'A building in which people live; residence for human beings.'

Haunting [hawn – ting, haun-] 'To visit habitually or appear too frequently as a spirit or ghost':

So here’s the lowdown on the cast and crew:


Kat Ryan - "Emily" / Producer

Born and raised in Michigan, Kat moved to Chicago at the age of 16 to study and improve her writing at the famed Second City Conservatory. After relocating to Los Angeles a few years later, she began working regularly as a writer for IFC, E!, Spike TV, and several Hearst Corporation properties. Moving towards producing, Kat began working at Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free Films / RSA Productions, before branching off on her own. Since then, she has produced several projects, most recently the atmospheric ghost story Hide or Seek.

Cameron Bender - "Tim" / Producer

Cameron Bender was born and raised in the town of Midland, MI. With an eye on Hollywood, he studied Theatre, Film and Philosophy at Michigan State University. While in East Lansing, he portrayed the school's mascot, Sparty and flew to Los Angeles to be in an ABC Sports commercial. He moved to LA shortly after and has had roles on shows such as CSI, NCIS, Nip/Tuck and Bones. He also had lead roles In several independent films like A Leading Man and the award-winning horror film Lesser Miracles, where he first played opposite of Kathryn.

Rachelle DiMaria - "Claire"

Rachelle moved around a lot as a kid - living in Arizona, New Mexico, and a brief stint overseas. In an effort to make friends, she became heavily involved in drama. Her senior year of high school, Rachelle attended the Arizona Thespian Conference and was recruited to the theatre program at the University of Northern Colorado where she studied for three years. Since moving to L.A., Rachelle has been diligently pursuing "the craft", with four feature films shot in the last year, including Hide or Seek and Butterfly.

Carlos Alazraqui - "Paul"

You may know Carlos Alazraqui as Officer James Garcia on Comedy Central’s Reno 911, or from his many appearances on VH1 and E! reality series. He is also an established and talented voiceover artist, giving life to Mr. Crocker on Nickelodeon’s Fairly Odd Parents, Rocko on Rocko’s Modern Life, and Lube and Winslow in Cat/Dog. Carlos' recent voice work includes two series for Cartoon Network; Munroe, the Scottish Pug dog on Juniper Lee, and Lazlo on Camp Lazlo.

Andy Palmer - Director

Andy Palmer is an award winning film and television director/ producer/ editor. Andy’s feature film credits include the neo-cult classic Andre the Butcher, and the multiple award winning documentary, Chasing the Horizon. In addition, he edited television shows for ABC, Spike, National Geographic and MTV. In 2009, he directed over 20 short films for the sketch comedy group "Man in the Van". Recently he wrote, produced and directed two short films, SleepWalker, and The Last Call, which have been accepted into several film festivals. In 2011 he produced the feature film Awaken, which had its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival and is now available on DVD and Video on Demand.

Warner Davis - Producer

Warner Davis’s passion for film brought him to Los Angeles from college in Louisiana. He enrolled at California Lutheran University to obtain his MBA. While attending school, he began working for MGM Studios in theatrical business affairs. His tenure at MGM Studios has given him a thorough understanding of domestic and foreign distribution for films being released theatrically and other ancillary markets. He interned for After Dark Films during the filming of Seconds Apart, giving him his first experience on how a film set operates. His first produced project was a short film entitled My Dear, which was accepted into the Palm Springs Short Festival and L.A. Short Festival. Following My Dear, he produced a feature film entitled Awaken.

Josh Gibson - Dir. of Photography

Though Josh is a DP based in Los Angeles, he has a variety of local, national and international clients that keep traveling constantly. Recently, he was the Director of Photography in India for Sahaya International, a short documentary produced by Reel Aid. The film is narrated by Jeremy Irons and explores the life-saving efforts Sahaya provides to HIV-affected communities in rural India. In his hometown of Peoria, Illinois, he studied theatre and television production at Illinois Central College. After three years of working for a steel factory, he left his job to take a position at a local NBC affiliated television station.

Levi Ellsworth - Co-Producer

Levi Ellsworth is a classically trained actor/writer and producer. He has written several feature length screenplays and short films. He produced and starred in the short films Sleepwalker and Cck Blocker, which were both accepted at several international film festivals. Most recently he was an Associate Producer on the feature film Awaken, and Co-Producer on Hide or Seek. Levi is an alum of the Beverly Hills Playhouse. He has been featured in the films, Undiscovered, Cck Blocker, Sleepwalker, and Bio Dead.

So the house looks harmless enough on the outside. Emily (Kat Ryan) has no idea what waits for her. She tries a séance (like that ever ends well) and goes on an historical journey to find out about the past history of the haunted house. She finds blood dripping down the walls saying

“I waited for you”

and the steam in the bathroom mirror is wiped away leaving the words

“Find me”.

Ready or not, here she comes! Some Secrets… Should Stay Hidden, but as we all know they never do. That’s why we love secrets when it comes to horror film. I for one will be watching out for this one.


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