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is Alexis Neiers! If you're into watching beautiful kids from the Valley snatching $3 million in goods from the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (a guilty pleasure of mine), then you should prepare yourself for 's latest movie, The Bling Ring. Check out the teaser here:

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As the dance party of a trailer is quick to point out, this film is based on true events. More than any other Coppola movie, it captures the frenetic, fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle of Alexis Neiers before reality hit. If you don't know, she was arrested and pleaded no contest to felony charges of stealing from , landing her in prison. It was also all caught on video while she was filming her own reality series, Pretty Wild. Vanity Fair also wrote a profile on Neiers, something that didn't go according to her plan:

This is a long way from Lost In Translation, no?


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