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Sad times for High School Musical fans. One of the most important parts of this franchise (aside from the characters and rug-cutting musical numbers) was East High School itself, the place where Troy Bolton discovered his love for music, where Sharpay learned to be humble, and where the world experienced modern classics like "We're All In This Together," "What Time Is It," "Can I Have This Dance," and "Scream."

Many of us loved the idea of being in a school where you could burst out into song in any given place (even in the cafeteria). Unfortunately, East High is in serious danger right now.

In late July, Salt Lake City was hit with a terrible storm that flooded and damaged several houses and businesses, with some buildings reportedly experiencing floods of more than two inches in just a few hours. One of the structures damaged was East High School, where the High School Musical movies were filmed. It experienced floods in its entire basement area, including the cafeteria, basketball court and some classrooms.

Kaycee Stroh, the actress who played the incredibly talented dancer Martha in the HSM trilogy, took to Instagram to post pictures of the flood, and explained the situation to concerned fans:

In the caption, Stroh explained the situation and revealed people were working to save the basketball court, or as HSM fans know it best, Troy Bolton's dance impromptu dance floor:

"Sad day at East Hight today. A rain storm has triggered a flash flood and it is estimated that they have $2-3 million dollars in damage already! Basement is completely flooded, here is the cafeteria and they are trying to save the famous basketball court as we speak! Fingers crossed for our iconic ."

School district spokeswoman, Yandary Zavala Chadwin, said this of the situation:

"There's so much water. They're still trying to get the water out before they can assess the final damage."

Fortunately, there's no reason to panic. East High and other schools are expected to be repaired by August 21st, so as to not interfere with the new school year.

Fans React To The Flood On Social Media

Proving the heavy impact of nostalgia, numerous fans came together on Twitter to share their support after hearing about the massive flood:

I've been a diehard High School Musical fan a long time, so this news was hard to hear. Still, it's great to know that East High (and the various buildings affected) will be repaired in the near future.

How do you feel about East High School experiencing this flood? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: The Salt Lake Tribune]


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