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Some might say that Kelsi was a minor character in High School Musical lore, but there is no denying that this talented songwriter and pianist was instrumental in driving the plot along.

From composing the songs that allowed Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez to shine in the East High production to helping us realize just how evil Sharpay Evans really was, there are plenty of reasons to remember Kelsi and her unique geek chic style.

But what has Olesya Rulin — the talented young actor behind Kelsi — been doing since she sang up a storm in those days, I hear you cry.

Before The Heady 'High School Musical' Days

Olesya was born in Russia in 1986 (yes, you read that right, she's now 31 years old) and emigrated to the United States when she was just eight. Along with her family, she first lived in Texas before moving onto Utah and attending West Jordan Middle School.

As a teenager, Rulin showcased all the credentials that allowed her to shine in High School Musical, honing her dancing skills as a classically trained ballet dancer and learning to play the piano.

Prior to her big Disney break and dedicating herself to acting as a full time job, Olesya worked as a certified Nursing Assistant and in retail stores such as Victoria's Secret.

Winning With The Wildcats

Although Olesya's character Kelsi played a role in all of the High School Musical movies, her part in the second installment is probably the most memorable to the casual fan.

If your memory needs jogging when it comes to exactly who Kelsi was, her biggest moment was probably her solo alongside Zac Efron in "You Are The Music In Me." Check it out in the video clip below:

What Is Olesya Doing Now?

Since the first installment in the HSM franchise, Olesya Rulin has shown her face in a few movies including a co-starring role with Jessica Simpson in 2009's Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous.

Olesya shows off her comedy skills in 'Private Valentine [Credit: Sony]
Olesya shows off her comedy skills in 'Private Valentine [Credit: Sony]

She also appeared alongside fellow Disney alum Billy Rae — Miley Cyrus's dad — in Flying By (also 2009) and nabbed the lead role in Dan Gordon's comedy-drama Expecting Mary in 2010.

Lately, you are most likely to recognize Rulin from the small screen and superhero fans will probably know her from her role as Calista Secor in Powers (2015-2016), The PlayStation Network's first scripted original programming based on a Marvel series of the same name.

Olesya as Calista Secor in 'Powers' [Credit: The PlayStation Network]
Olesya as Calista Secor in 'Powers' [Credit: The PlayStation Network]

As some little known trivia, Rulin also voices the Russian Meg in the 2017 Family Guy episode "A House Full of Peters."

Girl Across The Blvd

These days, Olesya runs her very own lifestyle website entitled "Girl Across The Blvd" where you learn about the actor's environmental work and pick up some wellness and beauty tips, which, after looking at the gorgeous pics below, I'm sure you'll be eager to put into action!

Were you surprised to see what High School Musical's Kelsi looks like now?


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