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Disney's High School Musical alums Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens along with Tisdale's musician husband, Chris French, are all in this together making HSM fans dream's come true. Sharpay and Gabriella are back at it in their first ever duet and it's the best thing to happen since Zac Efron's High School Musical solo was synced with Frozen's "Let It Go" on Youtube!


Tisdale invited best friend Hudgens to guest star on her Youtube channel for Music Sessions after high fan demand in her comments section. With Tisdale's husband French composing the arrangement and playing guitar for them, the girls belt out an acoustic version of Elle King's "Ex's and Oh's.".

I know, it's really mind blowing this is something that hasn't happened sooner. The duet has already climbed to over 4 million views on Tisdale's Youtube channel, so maybe it's time for an album girls. What do you think?

Watch the adorable video below. The High School Musical feels are real!

But those giggles at the end? So cute! Watching these two duet for the first time brings back a slew of memories and it feels like High School Musical just aired yesterday. We want more! So what's next for these musical beauties?

Hudgens and Tisdale have been busy since their Disney days with Hudgens set to star in NBC's new DC Comics comedy, Powerless , and Tisdale running a production company with her sister Jen Kelly Tisdale, Blondie Girl Productions, which is behind Freeform's hit Young and Hungry. Hudgens also starred in the live musical hit Grease Live! on Fox giving a powerful performance as Rizzo only hours after her father's tragic death — proving how much she had grown as a performer in the years since her Disney days.


While the days of Sharpay and Gabriella are over, these girls certainly don't "Stick To The Status Quo" and something tells me this is" The Start Of Something New" for Tisdale and Hudgens. What? I had to get a few High School Musical puns in there!

starring Vanessa Hudgens premieres February 2 on NBC at 8:30/7:30c!


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