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2016 is finally coming to a close and no one can disagree that the year has had it many downs. From the controversial presidential election to disappointing sequels and reboots, and heartbreaking celebrity deaths like Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, and so many more, it's been a rough year.

However, there were an abundance of outstanding performances this year that makes our Oscar predictions list longer than ever, and many of these same performers starred in movies that made a killing at the box office. Let's take a look at the official ten highest grossing actors of 2016.

10. Will Smith ($775 Million)

To all the people who have said that Will Smith is no longer relevant, just look at the numbers. Will Smith is still one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood today and after these numbers, he will only become more relevant if the next Suicide Squad is able to improve upon its predecessor or if Deadshot makes in appearance in Ben Affleck's The Batman.

9. Felicity Jones ($805 Million)

Coming in at #9 is Felicity Jones, who is making her first appearance on a list like this. She can thank not Inferno but Rogue One: A Star Wars movie for her success. The most recent installment in the Star Wars saga is currently raking in even more cash as it has grossed $615 million worldwide and doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

8. Ryan Reynolds ($820 Million)

The eighth highest grossing actor of 2016 is none other than the hilarious Ryan Reynolds. He had a huge comeback after his multiple failed attempts in the superhero genre with Deadpool, which is the main reason why he appears on this list. He also appeared in Criminal, but it would be a crime (pun intended) to say that movie placed Ryan Reynolds on this list.

7. Henry Cavill ($870 Million)

The Man of Steel himself flies onto #7 on this list as he grossed a lot of money this year. He can give 100 percent of his thanks to Warner Bros. for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, considering this was the only movie he appeared in during 2016. Maybe if the movie was better received, Cavill would have an even higher spot on this list.

6. Ben Affleck ($1.02 Billion)

Regardless of what you think of him as an actor and as Batman in the DCEU, he is still the sixth highest grossing performer this year. On top of his prominent role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he also raked in a good amount of money with The Accountant. Despite its neutral reception from critics, many people went out to go see the movie because of Affleck and it probably would not have made $150 million without him.

5. Amy Adams ($1.04 Billion)

Grossing $2 million dollars more than her Batman v Superman co-star Ben Affleck and proving that girls really do rule is Amy Adams. She had a compelling performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Lois Lane, yet it wasn't most fan's favorite performance of hers this year. That wouldn't come until one of the best movies of 2016: Arrival.

4. Margot Robbie ($1.1 Billion)

She went from soap star to one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood in less than five years. In what could be considered one of the most incoherent movies of the summer season, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn shined brighter than any of the other actors and marked her spot in comic book movie history. Also, she starred in Legend of Tarzan and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot as well, which only pushed her farther up this list.

2 & 3. Chris Evans & Robert Downey Jr. ($1.15 billion)

They fought and they ended in a tie: Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. were the stars of the biggest movie of 2016 (and my personal favorite): Captain America: Civil War. The movie was a huge success with critics and fans alike due to the amazing performances of Evans and Downey Jr. as Captain America and Iron Man. These two actors didn't even have time to star in any other films due to their constant commitment to Marvel yet they were still the highest grossing actors of 2016. However, it looks like one of their co-stars climbed over them to the top spot.

1. Scarlett Johannson ($1.2 billion)

The movie community (and myself) are extremely happy for Scarlett and this amazing achievement. Scarlett Johansson came out on top mostly because of the success of Captain America: Civil War, However, she received a little boost from Hail, Caesar! back in February. 40 percent of the highest grossing actors were women this year and it further proves that badass ladies can do just as well — if not better — at the box office than men.

(Source: Forbes)


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