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Upcoming outer-space themed summer series Extant has a new cast member.

, best known for her role in HBO's The Newsroom, has joined the cast of Extant, which will premiere this summer. She joins lead actress in the project, which has been co-written and executive produced by .

The complex, futuristic thriller will focus on female astronaut Molly's (Halle Berry) return from a year in outer space. It will involve a prototype robot child called Ethan () and, ultimately, events that change the entire course of human history.

Gummer, who is the daughter of , will play an engineer involved in the design of the robots.

It looks to be an exciting, possibly confusing, project. And, following the huge success of last year's Gravity, starring , it prompts the question: which actresses do you think would make the best astronauts and why? Let us know your choice - and your reasons why - below.

(Source Hollywood Reporter)

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