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The boys over at Break Media have done it again: after receiving overwhelming public clamor for a Breaking Bad Honest Trailer, they've decided to feed fans exactly what they want: an extremely funny recap of the awesome story of a mild-mannered chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-dealer (sorry, manufacturer) and his kick-ass sidekick (sorry, partner). Needless to say, the video clip contains the mother of all reveals, and is therefore accordingly rated with an 'S' for Spoilers. If you've watched the first 5 seasons (all 54 splendorous episodes aired up to date), get pumped for the final eight installments of this epic drama and relive the show's finest moments with some really droll commentary showcasing basically every little thing the fans can't shut up about.

The Honest Trailer highlights include: Jesse's proclivity to use the female term for 'dog' in every scenario, those eternal breakfast scenes, Hank's obliviousness to his brother-in-law's criminal antics, plus his inability to tell jokes; how annoying Skyler really can get, the fact that baby Holly only appears when convenient, how some of the best villains in TV history happen to be angy Latino men, Walter's coughs, an overview of the huge diversity in manners of death (from ATMs to decapitated head/turtle bombs) and much, much more. The introduction is simply brilliant:

[The show is] so good it finally got TV snobs to shut up about 'The Wire.'

The video also makes the case that Breaking Bad is so powerful, so addicting and so all-consuming... it's basically like drugs. Can't really argue with that. So, if you want to avoid being ostracized by white people ("it's pretty much all they ever talk about"), make sure to binge-watch all aired episodes before this Sunday. We definitely can't wait to see what finally happens to Ozymandias, King of Kings.


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Breaking Bad will return for its final (half-) season on August 11th. The premiere will air on AMC at 9 PM (EST).



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