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Though it's hard to imagine what life would be like when spawned by filthy rich and famous celebs, you only really need to take one look at North West's miserable toddler face to understand that having all the cash in the world doesn't quite make up for having a pap — or your mother — stick a camera all up in your grill from day one. It does explain why a lot of celebrity kids end up being assholes, but that's beside the point.

On the more merry side though, the celebrity parents listed below refuse to put their kids in the spotlight, and rather take a down-to-earth approach to parenting; proving it by posting hilarious updates of their trails and poop-to-the-face tribulations on their Twitter feeds.

Here are 19 of the most hilarious tweets on parenting from celebrity parents:

1. Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Know How To Show Their Baby A Good Time

2. Ryan's A Big Fan Of Hands On Parenting

3. But He Knows Where To Draw The Line

See also:

4. Anna Faris & Chris Pratt's Kid Is A Puddle Of Fun

5. And He's An Ace At Charming The Ladies

6. Olivia Wilde Feels Her Son's More Effective Than Birth Control

7. He's Taught Her The Meaning Of True Love

8. And The Meaning Of Life

9. Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan's Daughter Is Big Pimpin'

10. When She's Not Giving Her Dad's Neck-Girth A Run For Its Money

11. David Schwimmer's Little One Is A (Literal) Blast

12. While Alyssa Milano's Son Is A Total Gas

13. Christina Applegate Asks The Real Questions

14. And Alyson Hannigan Should Check Herself

15. Hilary Duff Should've Known Better

16. Jenny Mollen Became That Mom When It Was Time To Let Go

17. Conan O'Brien's Parenting Methods Are On Point

18. Though Christine Teigen's Might Be Better

19. Joel McHale's Kid Tells It Like It Is

20. Musician Lindsey Way's Daughter Has The Best Aspirations

Who's your fave celebrity parent?


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