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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
Elle McFarlane

Well known Texan singer, actress and culturally inappropriate-borderline-racist, Hilary Duff, made her first appearance with her new boyfriend last night and oh, was it memorable. With new beau, Jason Walsh — her personal trainer — hanging off her arm at the annual Casamigos Halloween party in LA, it was clear the young couple were glowing with fresh, new, love but with one major, sinister twist.

The couple had decided to attend the party as a "sexy" pilgrim and a Native American respectively. Don't you just love it when people demonstrate their horrifying racial ignorance on a mass scale after dabbling in some quite serious cultural appropriation? No? Yeah, me neither.

Here's Hilary In Prep For The Big Reveal:

The Couple In All Their Racist Glory:

And Here's How The Internet Reacted:

1. Jenny Johnson - Former TV Producer Turned Comedian

2. Just Jared & Small Screen Girl - Pop Culture Websites

3. Dave Blass - Production Designer Of Preacher And Secrets And Lies

And How Her Fans Reacted:

1. Kait Mastrion - Champion Of 'Good News'

2. Jonathon - Sassin' Like Rizzo

3. Jeremy Dixon - PC Gone Wild

And Finally, How She Reacted:


Do you think Hilary should be forgiven?


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