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Brian Salisbury

The hit list, err that is the cast list for Fox's Hitman sequel Hitman: Agent 47 is starting to come together. We already know that (Homeland) will be taking over the role of the titular assassin, based on the IO Interactive videogame. And just recently (Star Trek Into Darkness) also came aboard. Now, according to Variety, Agent 47 has found its female lead.

(Oldboy) has landed the role. There are no details yet as to who she will be playing, nor do we in fact know anything about the plot. First time director Aleksander Bach will helm Agent 47 from a script by (A Good Day to Die Hard) and (Predators).

I really liked Ware on the Starz series Boss, wherein she played 's daughter. That being said, the only encouraging thing about this film so far is the inexplicable casting of Zachary Quinto. A sequel to a terrible based-on-a-game action film, this time without the benefit of , from a first-time director and the writer of the worst Die Hard film in the franchise? Where is the reset button on this project?

What do you guys think?


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