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The Hobbit actor Graham McTavish was interviewed by TORn at the beginning of December, where the awesome 'tattooed dwarf' also talked openly about his latest project (the Outlander series) as well as his not-so-secret love of the English authors: the Brontë sisters. I can promise you now, it makes for a very interesting read:

On the Hobbit and new project Outlander:

I’ve seen a fair amount of the film (The Hobbit)through doing the ADR [additional dialogue recording], but in an unfinished state – and even then it looked absolutely amazing! The sequence with Smaug is hairs on the back of your neck stuff, really. Going back into it – I was thinking about that the other day, because although I only just finished in August, it already seems a very long time ago, because I’ve started this new project doing Outlander.

On Dwalin's tatoo's:

I don’t think he does self-tat; though I guess he is used to using both left and right hand with the axes, so he’s fairly ambidextrous. But I think he’s probably got help. I think there’s a specialist whom Dwalin likes to keep to himself; he’s found the guy and he doesn’t want anyone else to know. The other dwarves don’t have tats because I’ve never told them where to go to get them.

On the Brontë sisters:

I read a book about the Brontës. I’d always been interested in them, not just because of what they wrote but the fact that they were women writing at that time, and surmounted these incredible odds to become best-selling writers of their day. And Emily in particular; she only wrote Wuthering Heights… well, that was the only novel that was published… And she was this tiny woman; but she was incredibly stubborn! Apparently when she was dying she refused to lie down – so she just walked around and basically died on her feet. So that gives you an idea of the kind of woman we’re talking about.

Well you learn something new everyday!

There's no denying that McTavish is certainly full of some amazing anecdotes, but what do you think of his performance as Dwalin in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug?

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