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is one of the finest pieces of Halloween cinema and anybody who says otherwise will be turned into a cat for all eternity. As I grew up with this wonderful film, I'm always keen to know what others think about it. Needless to say when this new fan theory appeared, I was eager to investigate further. As presented in the home of conspiracy, Reddit, BshowBrianJay came up with the concept that Alison was in fact a witch all along.

Now I've looked over his points and there are some slight plot holes, however, the basic idea works out pretty well. So, light the black flame candle once more as we work out whether Alison and her divine yabbos are magic after all.

1. Allison's Family Dates Back To The Salem Witch Hunts

The theory works on the basis that there must have been a guardian placed over the Sanderson sisters's house to prevent them returning after being hanged. The family in question was supposedly Allison's. As we know they are direct descendants of the upper classes of the town of Salem, living there for over 300 hundred years. The guardian would, of course, need to understand the powers the sisters had, so it obvious that they too would require supernatural abilities. Case in point, it makes sense that the teenager's heritage would suggest she knows more about the witches than anyone else.

Allison's own mother worked at the Sanderson museum, until it was closed down due to creepy ongoings. She continues to be totally fascinated by All Hallows Eve and the legend of the witches. However, what if it's not just curiosity? What if Allison is now the witchy guardian?

2. Allison Lures Max And Dani To The Witches's House

It's Allison who puts the idea of heading to the house into the Dennison's heads, as they are new in town they can't possibly know the way, so she takes them there. The theory suggests that she knows Max is a virgin and can manipulate him into lighting the black-flame candle. Allison's plan all along is to resurrect the witches and destroy them once and for all, ending her family's mission of acting as the town's guardian. Max is completely besotted by this girl and would do anything to impress her and she knows it. Therefore, he lights the candle and brings back the evil sisters, something Allison knew would happen all along.

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3. Allison Knows An Awful Lot About Witchcraft

It's Allison who figures out that the black flame candle will only last until dawn, she's also smart enough to read the spell book for clues. Yes, admittedly that did alert the witches's to their whereabouts, but it gave them the added protection of salt. Winifred herself even calls her a "clever, little, white-witch." Does Winifred know what she is?

In addition, it's Allison who comes up with idea of luring the sisters to the school and burning them alive in the furnace. Brutal stuff. The teenager knows way too much about dark magic, surely they don't teach this stuff at school? It must point to the fact, she herself has had experience with magic, making her a witch.

All in all, I think the possibility that Allison might be a witch is a fairly good one, however, if her predecessors also had magical powers, even if they were good, they too would have been hanged like the Sanderson Sisters. Unless, of course, their wealth and status helped to protect them from harm.

Salem was by no means friendly to any sort of magic. Nevertheless, the trio successfully defeated the witches and returned Binx to his sister. Whether or not Allison used her alleged abilities to do it remains to be seen.


Do you think Allison was a witch all along?

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