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The man behind the stunt of the century has landed himself in hot water with the authorities after creatively rebranding the iconic Hollywood sign.

Zach Fernandez, also known by his artist handle of "Jesus Hands", took to Mount Lee on New Years Day armed with just $35 worth of sheets, giving the landmark a fresh makeover:

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Breakin' The Law

As much as the stoner population of LA appreciated Fernandez's bold statement, the local police weren't quite as pleased. Like all good art, Fernandez's piece required a bit of law breaking— specifically, trespassing. Police aren't considering it an act of vandalism, as the sign has remained undamaged.

Fernandez was fully aware of the consequences of his actions, and said he was willing to pay the price. He told BuzzFeed that wasn't going to "run from the law", and later turned himself in. He's now been released from police custody, but must face the misdemeanor charge in court mid-February.

Who Is Jesus Hands?

"Jesus Hands" is an artist and resident of California. He mostly dabbles in videography, but now seems to have set his sights on bigger things— literally.

He told BuzzFeed that the sign was a sort of gesture for the residents of of LA; "something to smile and laugh out loud about". So if this was a gift for the people, what was his motivation?

"Just lift their spirits and let them live because 2016 was a crazy year, dude".

Fernandez also said that he hopes that "the conversation continues on" following his arrest. Wether he's referring to art or marijuana is unknown— though by the looks of his Instagram account, he's definitely a big fan of at least one of those things:

The OG Hollyweed

Funnily enough, Fernandez's installation wasn't an original concept, but a tribute to an identical project from 40 years ago. He was inspired by an art student by the name of Daniel Finegood, who in 1976 did the exact same thing to the Hollywood sign for an art project, for which he received an A.

Fernandez made sure to pay proper homage to the original Hollyweed artist, inscribing a tribute to him on one of the sheets he used.

Copycat Crimes

Jesus Hands has already inspired yet another wave of sign writers— though this time, they're opting for the more legal (but still hilarious) method of Photoshop. Check out these DIY attempts at Finegood's work:

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