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There are many people who cosplay to help give hope and happiness to others, embodying the characters that they portray, and then there are the famous character street performers of Hollywood. One of the most popular street performers there is , and Hollywood Boulevard has been blessed for the past 25 years to have Christopher Dennis and his uncanny resemblance to Christopher Reeve walking the street as the Big Blue Boy Scout.

Via Christopher Dennis Facebook
Via Christopher Dennis Facebook

Dennis, who first donned the costume in 1991 after falling on hard times and kicking a drug habit, has become so well-known for his likeness and being Superman that he's Hollywood Boulevard's longest-tenured street performer, and one of its most beloved. The resemblance to Reeve is pretty remarkable:

However, he was unfortunately mugged and robbed of his money as well as his cherished costume. Since then, he has struggled to regain his position, eventually becoming homeless and living on the streets. He's been trying to raise money and gain help ever since.

Via Christopher Dennis Facebook
Via Christopher Dennis Facebook

Speaking of his love of cosplaying as Superman he says:

Just meeting and greeting the people and putting smiles on their faces is what it's about. You know, and carrying on the mantle of Superman... I've stopped stores from being robbed, I've stopped attacks. The Superman outfit is kinda like a shield for me.... Without the costume I'm like a fumbling Clark Kent.

It's a nightmare scenario to lose everything you have and become homeless, especially when you were doing something that you love. Luckily, there has been a GoFundMe campaign started to get him back on his feet. You can donate to his cause and help turn him back into the man from Krypton and get back to stepping into the role he loves so much.

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