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It turns out that everything we know about true love and lasting marital bliss is a lie. We thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be the couple we didn't need to worry about. But now, Angie has filed for divorce. Do you hear that? That's the sound of millions of hearts breaking all at once.

Those of us who care so much about celebrities were like kicked in the proverbial nutsack (or lady parts) and told to get a life, because nothing ever lasts forever; not even an enduring relationship of high-profile celebrities who have been together since we were babies (or at least for us late '90s kids).

Brangelina has been the definitive Hollywood power couple of the past decade. 10 years together, 2 years of official marriage, and six children — we didn't think even Brad's midlife crisis could best this couple. But, alas, sometimes things just don't work out the way we want them to.

Brangelina's split caused the hashtag '' (meaning there's no forever) to start trending among Filipino fans — but maybe there is such a thing as 'forever'. There are countless Hollywood power couples who have made things work against the odds. There are still so many of them, and they at least give us hope that . I've narrowed it down to 10, check them out below!

1. Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

Years Married: 34

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne called it quits back in May this year, but just two months later, they re-kindled their romance. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder — and of course, therapy sessions probably help.

I hope this will be the case for Brangelina, because true love always finds a way!

2. Meryl Streep & Don Gummer

Years Married: 38

Meryl Streep's marriage is as long as her career. But long before Streep found love with Gummer, she was in love with John Cazale and stayed with him until his death in 1978. She eventually found love with Gummer and got married — and the rest, as they say, is history.

3. Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

Years Together: 33

Though unmarried, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell prove that love can be everlasting. Goldie was even quoted saying:

“A lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. It’s about compatibility and communication.”

They have this relationship thing all figured out. The pair have been involved and committed to each other since meeting on the set of Swing Shift; they have children from previous marriages, but have a son together, Wyatt.

4.Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

Years Married: 28

Now these two are just . Hanks has been crushing on her since her Brady Bunch days, but he wasn't famous back then. The pair finally locked eyes in 1981 on the set of ABC's Bosom Buddies — now, they've been married for 28 years. Talk about TV-crush goals!

5. Denzel & Pauletta Washington

Years Married: 33

This pair have been together since 1977, and despite Denzel Washington asking for Pauletta Pearson's hand in marriage twice, she turned him down. Luckily, third time was the charm! They have four children together.

6. David & Victoria Beckham

Years Married: 17

Though they had what they call a 'whirlwind romance', this couple made it last. And they did so while looking ridiculously glamorous. We've seen them growing more fashionable through the years, just as we've seen their family grow. They have four beautiful children, but what do you expect with parents who've won the gene pool lottery?

7. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Years Married: 20

Take it from the Fresh Prince and his wife. Marriage has never been easy, but what's the key to staying together? Not Quitting. Will Smith had revealed his secret to ET:

“We've been married 20 years and we've been asking ourselves [what’s the secret to marriage] and really at the end of the day it’s just not quitting,” the 47-year-old actor said of Pinkett Smith, who he first started dating in 1995 and then married two years later. “You can’t expect it to be easy, it’s like our marriage was the most difficult, grueling, excruciating thing that we have ever taken on in our lives. And you know were just not quitters.”

8. Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee-Furness

Years Married: 20

Twenty years together, Jackman called it love at first sight. There is no doubt that their love and marriage will last probably even longer than Wolverine's life.

9. Colin & Livia Firth

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Years Married: 19

The TV-miniseries Nostromo brought these two together. Colin was the star, and Livia a production assistant. For Firth, it was love at first sight. He said as much in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2011:

“We met in Columbia,” Colin Firth told DeGeneres. “We met in Cartagena, which is a staggeringly beautiful city and full of staggeringly beautiful people.”Colin Firth said he saw her walking through a crowd as he stood on the steps of and old church. “And that was it. It was a bolt to the heart."

10. Kirk Douglas & Anne Buydens

Kirk Douglas & Anne Buydens with Ronald Reagan. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Kirk Douglas & Anne Buydens with Ronald Reagan. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Years Married: 62

Not only are they both true Hollywood legends (and parents to legends to boot), but despite difficult challenges in both their marriage and health, the two have remained stronger than ever since 1954! Kudos!

Brangelina's split may have been heartbreaking, and left most of us upset, but these couples prove that there is such a thing as lasting love. If Brad and Angie were meant to be, they'll work it out; if not, perhaps their true life partners are still out there, waiting...

Cue the hashtags .


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