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Sophie Atkinson

Hollywood's taking a stroll down memory lane. THR reports that your fave library book series from way back when, Encyclopedia Brown, is being developed for the big screen.

Just in case you weren't a bookworm as a child, the book centers on Leroy Brown, whose nickname is Encyclopedia because he's so smart. He sets up a detective agency out of his garage, charging a mere 25 cents a day. Leroy and his best friend and 'bodyguard' Sally Kimball have to pit their wits against the local bully, the wonderfully named Bugs Meaney in order to solve crimes. Luckily Leroy's got a cop for a dad, so he's always able to ask for a little help with honing his sleuthing know-how.

This isn't actually the first time the entertainment biz has dabbled with bringing the series to life. HBO once screened a short lived TV series based on Encyclopedia Brown:


In Hollywood, names like , Blade Runner's , SNL's and have all considered making it, but somehow Encyclopedia Brown never came to fruition. It looks far more likely that this time will work out, since it's got big name (The Departed, The Woman in Black, Bates Motel) producing alongside Howard David Deutsch.

Is this just another cynical attempt by Hollywood to cash in on nostalgia? Or will it mean a breath of fresh air for a kids' market dominated by animation flicks? Drop me a line below and let me know your thoughts.


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