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No movie is safe! For those of you who have been through the shocking ordeal of seeing one of the most preposterous superhero movies of all time, this Honest Trailer for Batman & Robin might bring back some disturbing memories of doing all manner of nasty things as Mr. Freeze. If you haven't had the pleasure, then you'll get to see here why the Batman franchise died after this back in 1997, only to be restored by and hopefully again for the upcoming Batman Reboot. Anyway, check it out:

(via Screen Junkies)

They nail one thing that I think a lot of people lose sight of: The fact that Batman & Robin is an adaption of the earlier TV series, not the comics. Once I realized that the movie seemed a lot less absurd and I could see why they made it so silly. Still, I'm not sure anything can fully redeem that movie...

What do you think, does 's Batman & Robin get a partial pass for being full-on parody? Let me know in the comments!


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