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Everyone knows America's favorite fat cat, Garfield. Since 1978, this comic strip has been appearing in newspapers around the US, but today I'm going to share with you a theory. This theory is scary enough to knock you off your feet. Maybe you've heard it before, but maybe you haven't. This theory says that Garfield is dead.

Here's The Theory

Garfield is known as a lighthearted and funny comic strip, giving us plenty of laughs over the years. However, for Halloween 1989, the creator of the strip, Jim Davis, wrote a series of comic strips not intended to be comic, and instead were rather scary.

Basically, the series has Garfield wandering around an empty, abandoned house, not being able to find Jon or Odie.

The series goes on, with Garfield coming to the realization that Jon and Odie hadn't lived there in years. This meant that he hadn't lived there in years.

Look at this strip:

Garfield has now gone insane and he has been left in the house with no one. In this strip, he is in denial that he is truly alone, and hallucinates about his happy life, when Jon and Odie were still with him.

Once he says he doesn't want to be alone, he is transported back to his regular life with Jon and Odie. The theory is that Garfield's life is actually a lie. It was all a hallucination after he died. Garfield had never truly been alive throughout the comics — he merely imagined himself as being alive and the 1989 Halloween comics were his slow realization of this poor fact.

Maybe at the end of the series, when he meets Jon and Odie again, he is now in heaven. Not in a room full of lasagna where everyone pays attention to him. He truly understands that the only thing he ever needed was company.

There is also an Italian movie entitled Valse Triste, which has a cat wandering around the remains of a house and sees memories of his past life. It is then revealed that the cat is a ghost.

Yeah, you know, I'll just wrap this up, because I'm getting scared just writing about this.

Need a pick-me-up? Check out some of Garfield's more traditional antics from the live-action movie in the video below:


Do you think Garfield is dead?


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