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Brian Salisbury

I never really considered how the preponderance of closed-circuit cameras and the ubiquitous existence of YouTube has the potential to make horror films based on real events THAT MUCH CREEPIER. Take for example, the script for The Bringing that Sony just picked up.

According to THR, the highly-sought-after screenplay by Brandon and Phillip Murphy is based on the bizarre case of Elisa Lam, the woman who was found dead in a water tank in an L.A. hotel. Yeah, already weird right? But on top of that, there is video of Lam captured on the night of her death behaving very strangely in the hotel elevator.


I desperately want to know what the hell happened to this woman. However, even if the film does nothing to lend an insight, this YouTube video alone is enough to pique my interest. So much so that I'm not even deterred by that laughably awful title. But hey, the article did report that the script is "in the vein of The Shinning and The Conjuring." So the common thread is having titles that are verbs in present tense.

What do you guys think?


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