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You know how they say in the world of comedy that you just can't land them all? That doesn’t apply solely to jokes. The same thing goes in the horror genre — you just can’t land them all. What begins as a creepy concept is morphed and translated into a scary story before it makes its way into becoming a screenplay. Somewhere along the way things can get turned around a bit before making its way to the silver screen, and in any case this can go one of three ways: either it is a bloody, spectacular work of fear, a major disappointment, or something even stranger — an unintentional work of dark humor and failure.

Whether it was the delivery, production, writing or special effects, just about any under-executed combination of these factors (and more) could result in laughter where there were meant to be shrills and chills.

Check out these five titles that fell flat on scares but soared high on accidental humor:

5. House Of The Dead

An adaptation of a 1996 Sega arcade game of the same title, House of the Dead is campy, fun and absolutely absurd. Filmed in classic arcade gaming style, you can expect plenty of melodramatic fight scenes, a progressive storyline and of course, many sexy ladies. Sure, House of the Dead was a flop to most, but it certainly captured '90s gaming, cheap horror and and the laughter of stoners everywhere. Not such a bad deal if you ask me.

4. The Gravedancers

I impulsively bought this title starring Dominic Purcell during my Prison Break phase of 2009 and let me tell you — just, wow. If the awesomely cliched story wasn’t reaching enough, the epic phantom-hand sure did. Meant to give you the creeps, The Gravedancers manages to fulfill neither of those promises in lieu of feeling uncomfortable for everyone on screen and laughing about it out loud, literally.

3. Venom

Flopping in the fear department, Venom is awesomely-cheesy and topped with unintentional humor. I can see clearly where this movie was trying to take us viewers, but sadly they missed our stop quite a ways back. Grossly funny and awkwardly humorous, Venom promises to please the few who see the comical opportunity of improper film execution, and the immature amusement of the "Milking Ceremony."

2. Zoombies

Something tells me nothing about this movie was intended to be comedic. However I could not refrain from all the funnies. A great concept sure, Zoombies could have been scary given the correct casting and a couple small tweaks to the script, storyline and special effects. Unfortunately they were not up to par, leaving this horror trip more like a walk down Laughing Lane.

1. Drag Me To Hell

To this day it boggles my mind when people continue to describe this disasterpiece as a terrifying horror staple. I’m not sensing much intended irony from these fans, but I sure do feel it. Whatever went wrong in the test audiences of Drag Me to Hell I just don’t know. I can only speculate that they were all under the age of double digits or were not fully capacitated upon viewing. With trailers, acclaimed Hollywood names and plenty of publicity, thousands of people gathered upon its release just to spray soda out of their noses in an unexpected fit of laughter. If that goat wasn’t funny I don’t know what funny is.

If unfortunate horror and shameless laughter is your thing, be sure to check out any of these five titles. What they lack in terror they certainly make up for in comicality. For more outrageous titles check out these five films here.

Let us know in the poll below which one of these five films made you laugh the loudest.

Check out some of the most unexpected deaths in horror (some of the movies on this list are in here) and you might chuckle at one or two in the video below:


Which of these five flopped horrors did you find the funniest?


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