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This Friday sees the release of Blair Witch — a direct sequel to The Blair Witch Project. The film features a group of college students heading into the woods to find out what happened James’s sister Heather (one of the filmmakers part of The Blair Witch Project). As is the case is for any horror story, things do not bode well for group as they are haunted by the Blair Witch. There are many things that moviegoers can take away from this horror sequel, but if there is one thing that Blair Witch tells its viewers it would be that the woods can be a terrifying place.

For years, horror films have taken place within the confines of a dark forest, and throughout this genre several creatures have waited for unsuspecting victims to stalk. There have been several horror movies that have made moviegoers fear the woods, and to honor the release Blair Witch here are four frightening films that use the forest to their advantage.

4. The Wolf Man

In 1941 audiences were introduced to The Wolf Man. This frightening tale centered on Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.): a man who is bitten by what he thinks to be a wolf. However, it turns out that Talbot was bitten by a werewolf, and he would soon become a lycanthrope himself. The Wolf Man is a pioneer in the horror genre. Not only is it the film that established the werewolf subgenre, but it is also a movie that shows how effective a monster can be in the woods. While werewolves are not found solely in the woods, it is still a great environment for this horror monster. When it comes to the world of the supernatural, there is probably no creature more terrifying to encounter in the woods than The Wolf Man (or any werewolf for that matter).

3. Friday The 13th

In the '80s, slasher films were all the rage. Thanks to horror movies that came before, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween, Hollywood found new crazed killer villains to promote. If there was one iconic slasher series that takes place in a forest, it is none other than Friday the 13th. Starting in 1980, Friday the 13th featured a killer who stalks a group of teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake. Since then, the film series has had an array of sequel to its name, all of them focusing on the slasher Jason Voorhees. In just about all of the films, Jason stalks his prey on the campgrounds. Friday the 13th showed that the slasher genre can be just as effective in the woods as it is in any environment.

2. Evil Dead

When you find an old cabin in the woods it is best to stay away from it, especially when it contain the Necronomicon. Thanks to the 1981 film, Evil Dead, moviegoers saw a new kind of terror that awaited us in the forest as Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his friends release a demonic force upon the cabin, transforming the residents into deadites. While the entity is known for possessing bodies, it can also take control of other things, including trees. If there is one thing that can be learned from Evil Dead, it is that nowhere is safe in those woods — anyone or anything can attack you.

1. Cabin In The Woods

It is just best to stay away from any mysterious cabins because you never know what may be waiting inside. If Evil Dead did not make that apparent, then the 2012 film Cabin in the Woods certainly does. This film takes every aspect of horror — from ghosts to slashers — and puts them together in one creative premise.

In the movie the group is stalked by undead killers, but the selection of creatures varies to include all types of villains. Cabin in the Woods shows that anything could be awaiting in the forest, be it zombie hillbillies or mermaids, and one could only imagine what those woods would be like if a number of monsters got loose.

These films, as well as Blair Witch, show just how terrifying the woods can be. The concept of a dark forest always has a sense of eeriness to it and thanks to various horror films it shows that a number of creatures and villains reign supreme in this environment. Whether it is Jason Voorhees or the Blair Witch, moviegoers can be sure that when horror film heads to the woods, they can expect a terrifying time at the movies.

Go behind the mask and see the faces who brought the most terrifying and memorable horror villains to life in the video below:

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